Social Distancing - A photo documentation

by Petr Maur, Ottawa Canada

The world has changed rapidly with the appearance of the Covid-19 pandemic. We also had to adapt our plans for Canada Day to the situation and have created a virtual version of our event for you. It is therefore only natural that we would also like to take up the subject of pandemics artistically in this context. The Canadian photographer Petr Maur has documented with his pictures the topic of social distancing in his home town Ottawa. These impressive contemporary documents have not been shown in any exhibition so far and can be seen on our website for the first time for a wider public.



Petr Maur

Petr Maur Is a freelance photographer living in Canada originally born in former Czechoslovakia. He has worked with many musicians, actors and performers. Petr works at a Prototyping Lab designing and photographing client work. He also works on film sets as a set photographer. Some of his film credits include Zygote (a Neill Blomkamp film, starring Dakota Fanning), Clown (Eli Roth Producer), Blackcoat’s Daughter, (Starring Emma Roberts and Kiernan Shipka), Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter (Cult Classic by Lee Demarbre) and recently worked with Mel Gibson in an upcoming 2020 film.


Facebook: @petrmaur