The emcee


Ben MacLean

Our trilingual emcee will be Canadian comedian and fitness junkie Ben MacLean, host of the Go West comedy showcase in Schöneberg. The former civil servant turned flight attendant is a well-known figure of the English comedy scene in Berlin, where he has lived since 2009. A semi-finalist in the UK competition “So You Think You're Funny?” he has also performed in Los Angeles, Cape Town, Tokyo and Barcelona.


Instagram: @ben__maclean

Twitter: @ben_maclean

Facebook: @TheBenMacLean





Dana Alexander

Dana Alexander is originally from Edmonton. Now a regular on the UK circuit, she has appeared at comedy clubs and festivals in more than 40 countries and has been featured in multiple television specials in Canada and Britain. NOW Magazine voted her one of the Top 10 Comedians in Canada 3 years running and described her as, “Refreshing and fearless.” This is a lady not to be missed!


Instagram: @comediandana

Twitter: @comediandana



Ian Black

Ian Black is a Halifax-based comedian. You may recognize him from CBC Radio and TV, or have seen him on Yuk Yuks stages from coast to coast. He believes they are pencil crayons, not coloured pencils.


Instagram: @blackeyecomic



Nathan Daniel

Born in Australia to a Canadian mother, Nathan has been living in Germany for 7 years and performing stand-up comedy all over Berlin for 12 months.


Facebook: Nathan Daniel



Marylène Gendron

Marylène has been doing comedy since she was 17. She went from wanting to be a veterinarian to wanting to be a comedian, directly! A sarcastic young woman who loves self-mockery, you can count on her to make you laugh. More than just mowing a lawn in the morning. She asks herself questions about everything, and wants to understand everything. The subtext of her humor is often "Am I normal", endearing, isn't it?
She has been to all the halls and bars in Quebec to make you laugh (when it's legal)

Facebook: Marylène Gendron

Instagram: @marylenegendron




 Alex Gosselin

For a little over three years, Alex Gosselin has been touring bars, concert halls and emerging festivals (Zoofest, Minifest, ComediHA!) across Quebec. With his absurd and detached sense of humour, Alex attempts to bring intelligent reflection to his words. He tries to fulfill his most cherished desire: to make people laugh with or at him.


Facebook: @AlexGosselinHaha


Vanessa Lépine

Vanessa comes from Quebec but has lived in Switzerland for 6 years. She thought that if she can make Swiss Germans laugh, she will be able to make anybody laugh. She performed all around Europe and in Quebec when she goes to visit her mom. She talks about the joys (lack of) being a single woman in her thirties. She loves being on stage, but she doesn’t like to describe herself in a bio where she talks about herself in the third person.


Instagram: @lepine_vanessa

Facebook: @VanessaLepineComedy


Dion Owen

Dion Owen is a professional comedian and an avid cyclist originally from a small town in British Columbia. He now calls Montreal his home. He regularly performs at comedy clubs and independent shows. In 2015 he completed a cross-Canada cycling-stand-up comedy tour and in 2018 a 4-month European one. His solo show Cyclopath had a sold-out run at the 2019 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


Instagram: @cyclopathcomedy


Scott Reynolds

Scott Reynolds was born and raised in Toronto, and moved to Germany in 2013 to pursue graduate studies in classical music. He began performing comedy in the summer of 2018, and quickly began winning over audiences by drawing on his unique perspective as a white, straight male with a middle-class suburban upbringing.


Instagram: @scottcgr14



Brad Richards

Originally from Toronto, Brad moved to Portugal in 2011 to start a career in Mobile Product Management. It was there where his passion for stand-up comedy began. Since then he has performed in several European and North American cities, and since moving to Berlin in 2013 he has become a veteran of the local comedy scene.


Instagram: @richards130113






Nathan Micay

Scorpio king Nathan Micay is a Toronto born, Berlin based artist with plenty of hits already under his belt. The last two years have seen outings on esteemed labels such Whities, ESP Institute and his own vinyl only lables Schvitz Edits/ Original Schvitz. After a year of guessing the biggest ID of Avalon Emerson’s sets, ‘First Casualty’ finally was released in 2018 and appeared on numerous end of year lists, most notably Resident Advisor’s ‘best tracks of 2018’. He followed that up in 2019 with smash 'The Party We Could Have' from his debut album 'Blue Spring' released on powerhouse label LuckyMe in May 2019. The album once again placed Micay on many year end lists and marked a huge step in his artistic development.

As a DJ, he’s done just as well, with multiple invites to Tim Sweeny’s Beats in Space, a recent inclusion in the lauded Resident Advisor Podcast series and tour dates around the world including multiple stops as Berlin’s Berghain/Panorama Bar and London’s Fabric. Now having unveiled his next album ‘The World I'm Going to Hell For’, this past March, the next part of this young artist’s journey is anyone’s guess."



DJ Kirby (Blue Hawaii)

Blue Hawaii is a duo from Montréal known for their dreamy/dancy grooves and big heartwrenching vocals. One half, Agor, lives in Berlin and DJs with the main goal of keeping people dancing and spreading joy.




Magic Island EPK

Having been described as 'honest pop,' Magic Island's soundscape is permeated by haunting and unforgettable flavours. With her Berlin-based solo project, the artist weaves together unembellished compositions with tangles and twists of her signature weirdness. Starting with short vocal lines and looping melodies on her keyboard, Magic Island builds them up and out, pulling freely from R&B, experimental pop, soul, and mainstream sounds.
Magic Island tells the story of a jaded soul and an innocent heart; her incessantly addictive tracks embrace the profoundness, tragedy, and magic of the world. The enchanting lyrics in songs like 'Warm Heaven' belie the desperate feminine rage that's compressed into her melodies. Her world is a fluid place for contradictions––Magic Island's hymns speak of softness and strength with a conviction that the two are not exclusive from each other.
From the high-reaching, airy hook of her first single 'Baby Blu' in 2013 and the late-night lusty tones of 'Like Water,' to the heart-wrenching beauty that punctuates her timeless ballad 'Easy Babe,' Magic Island's oeuvre roams playfully while she explores the most profound matters of the heart.




Sophie Sweetland, better known as D. Tiffany has emerged as one of the most distinctive voices in dance music today - her vision is unique and expertly crafted, reaching for a tripped-out, deep and funky sound transcending any one genre; bass heavy, break laden psychedelic electronic music with an irresistible groove. Both as producer and DJ, she wields the raw living energy of the club with a seasoned precision, and in either case her approach is ferocious and entrancing. This summer she’s played some of the most exciting dance floors, with shows at revered festivals (inc Honcho, Solstice and Sustain-Release) and essential clubs (inc De School, Berghain and Corsica Studios).

Her penchant for frenzied, razor-sharp rhythms is always in perfect balance with the euphoric and transcendent dimension of music. Known occasionally for mellow breakbeat revivalism as DJ Zozi and one half of fractured IDM duo Ambien Baby, and also now the label head of Planet Euphorique (amongst a multiplicity of other guises). Like most coming from the hands of D. Tiffany, Planet Euphorique's approach is clearly inspired by the history of dance music but sounds like the future. With an emphasis on representing talent from her intimate circle of co-conspirators, the label is further evidence of the utterly singular world inhabited by D. Tiffany - and with a slew of unreleased material on the way she invites you to step in further.





Moves Johnson

Moves Johnson is a Canadian-born musician currently operating out of Berlin. He is best known for his high-energy performances and eccentric stage persona. His songs cover a range of both styles and emotions. From empowering funk beats to rebellious rock anthems to sing-along folk songs, there's something for everyone. An entertainer to the core, Moves Johnson always makes sure the crowd is having a great time.
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll love it.



Facebook: @MovesJohnsonMusic


Miss Natasha Enquist

Miss Natasha Enquist is a Canadian multi-disciplinary artist, based somewhere in a space-time travel continuum between Berlin, Germany and the Pacific Northwest of Canada. Treating the accordion as a human-powered synthesizer, MNE is bridging the gap between electronic pop music and the accordion, with her dreamy, dark, romantic "electro-accordion chanteuse" style.


Facebook: @MissNatashaEnquist



Tara C. Taylor


Tara C Taylor is a singer/songwriter currently living, performing and working on her solo project based out of Berlin, Germany. Tara’s songs tell stories about lust & love, politics and the many journeys in life. All with an edgy wit Tara is not your typical singer/song writer. Tara calls her sound “Acoustic with Attitude” and considers her sound to be a mixture of post-punk/80’s new wave and acoustic rock. Put another way imagine if The Smiths had a baby with Annie Lennox with the cool aunt being PJ Harvey and the cool uncle being Nick Cave. Originally from Winnipeg, Canada Tara now calls Berlin Germany her new home. Tara is an accomplished musician on guitar, keys, drums and production tech. Over the years she has collaborated with multiple other musicians on various projects as a writer and performer. These included: Matthew Presidente (Vancouver, Canada): Genre Peak (Sacramento, California, USA) and The Liar Script (San Francisco, California, USA).